Doctors are DEATHLY AFRAID to Speak Up About the Corruption in Medicine


“Here’s How One Man is Fighting The System, and How You Can Too…”


From the desk of Dr. Paul Gosselin

Hello, my name is Dr. Paul Gosselin.

Since early on, as a corpsman in the Navy, I’ve been a caregiver.

Following four and a half years of military service, I was medically discharged.  Working and attending school, often homeless, I attempted to re-establish myself in the medical field.

I simply could not find anything more meaningful than caring for people.

The way I chose to do this was to pursue a medical career as an osteopathic physician embracing the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of being.

Coming from a large working class family of 11 I embraced the struggles of the common man.

“With barely a dime to my name,
I entered medical school in Maine
and quickly realized it was a club
that I did not belong in.”

By the second year, I was instructed that I must attend the only mandatory class of the four years of school, which was on killing babies in the womb.

To my dismay, I was the only one in my class that refused to attend.

I was singled out as if somehow, I was wrong in my convictions…

Despite this, at no point in my early career did I believe that medicine would ever deteriorate to the point we are now all experiencing.

I offer you this prayer by Andrew Taylor,  founder of osteopathic medicine:

“Lord, Great Healer,
I kneel before you, since excellent grace and perfect gift descend from You. Grant, I implore You, ability to my hands,  lucidity to my intelligence, kindness and empathy in my heart. Give me simplicity of purpose, strength to my hands, part of the burden of my suffering brothers, and a real understanding of the privileges You have given me. Remove from my heart, all malice and prejudice; so with sincere, childlike faith, I can lean on You. Amen.”

Please note that this moral health fund is being established for the purpose of calling out tyranny.

Take heed to the quote by the Communist revolutionary, Vladimir Lenin: “Medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism.”

My license was canceled for “spreading  misinformation,” treating COVID, and writing exemption letters…

This has left many of my patients abandoned and desperate. They have few trusted resources for care, as Maine has gutted its medical community.

This leaves the infirmed and sick at the mercy of medical staff and hospital administrators. Weak and fearful COVID patients are sent home into isolation without direction or  compassion, only to return after they are ill enough to meet the criteria for hospital financial gain.

Yes, hospitalized COVID patients are at the mercy of a system that puts financial gain over individual patients’ health. Hospitals refuse to use proven, safe and inexpensive medications to treat patients.

My legal team, Ron Jenkins and David Bauer, plans  on making a rigorous, no-holds-barred defense against the state.

This will require all hands on deck with many experts and witnesses.

This is not just about a medical license …

This is about the extreme corruption of conventional medicine. Filthy rich Big Pharma, insurance companies and hospital administrators have an ugly influence on a broken medical system that has nothing to do with healing or health.  As the Bible says, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

It is also about exposing and bringing to light the fact that our freedoms are stolen and lives destroyed.

Here is an important quote from General Russel Honore:

“You were born free by accident.
You live free by choice.
To die free is your responsibility.”

Please keep me in prayer and join the fight by donating directly to the Moral Health Fund, today.


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Thank you. May God grant grace to all who seek His wisdom. May He protect our loved ones and strengthen our resolve during these very trying times.

God bless you all.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Paul Gosselin

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Define “Misinformation”

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